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  • Core
  • Digital
  • Video Game

"Asfalia: Anger" the Game-Tale

“Charlie can’t wait to play with Baya! But the dog is not in the mood… Frustration and anger transport Charlie into the mysterious world of Asfalia. Colorful, enchanting, magical… This universe full of life is threatened by a gigantic volcano about to explode. Help Charlie save it from imminent danger! During your adventure, you will meet curious inhabitants, both facetious and familiar… Can you solve the challenges that stand in your way?” 

Point & Click
Gameplay adapted from 6 to 10 years old
Mini-games to unlock as the story unfolds
Stickers to collect

Learning, discovering, questioning your inner world… Asfalia is a real dive into the heart of emotions. Live this interactive and playful story with your family, friends, or classmates.

  • Plateformes MacOS, Windows
  • Types Digital
  • Configuration recquise
    • Operating System OSX 64 bits (recommended: MacOSX 10.15 Catalina or later)
    • RAM-Memory 8Gb
    • Free space on disk 2Gb
    • Operating System Windows 64 bits (recommended: Windows 8 or later)
    • RAM-Memory 8Gb
    • Free space on disk 2Gb